Scheduling Refs

For Competition teams, refs for league games are scheduled by the appropriate Division Coordinator. Changes to league games go through the Division Coordinator but the refs are your responsibility. Scheduling exhibition games and refs are the sole responsibility of the Team Manager.

For House teams, league and exhibition refs are scheduled by the Team Manager.



Email Gaylyn Towe, Anchorage Youth Hockey Scheduler,

When requesting a game be added to the HorizonWebRef system, include the following information:

  • Game Date
  • Game Time
  • Home Team
  • Away Team
  • Location
  • Age Level
  • Length of Game

Follow up your email with a text message (907-350-1789) to ensure games are not missed. Your scheduler will let you know that your request was received and what the status is.

There is a public game schedule link, but it must be accessed by users with an account. Request to be set up to view the public game schedule to confirm games have been entered in the system.

Sample Schedule

At the start of the season, bulk adding your games is preferred.

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