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As a member club of USA Hockey, we are required to follow the rules and regulations defined by USA Hockey.

USAH Annual Guide

Alaska State Hockey Association

As a member of ASHA, we are required to follow the rules and regulations defined by the Board and handbook.

SafeSport Handbook

Association Handbook 23-25


USA Hockey has ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.This includes Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Locker Room Supervision, and Hazing Policies, in addition to Codes of Conduct applicable to administrators, coaches, officials, parents, players and spectators.

This SafeSport Handbook includes the various Policies that apply to all USA Hockey Member Programs. Those Policies address

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Bullying, Threats and Harassment
  • Hazing 

The Policies also address areas where misconduct can occur and are intended to reduce the risk of potential abuse, including:

  • Locker Room Policy
  • Social Media, Mobile and Electronic Communications Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Billeting Policy

In addition to policies, SafeSport includes the required training of employees, volunteers, administrators, coaches, and players on recognizing and reducing circumstances for potential abuse to occur; Screening and Background Check Program; procedures for any person to Report suspected abuse or misconduct; the procedures and means by which USA Hockey and its Member Programs should Respond to allegations of abuse and misconduct; and how USA Hockey and its Member Programs will Monitor and Supervise the SafeSport Program to help ensure its effectiveness.  

SafeSport Reporting Procedure

Reports to the Center may be reported by (1) completing an online report to the Center at, by (2) calling 833-587-7233, or (3) by clicking on a link to the Center’s reporting portal found on USA Hockey’s website at Reports to the Center shall be handled according to the SafeSport Code.

Reports to USA Hockey may be made by: (1) clicking on the “Report to USA Hockey” link on the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program webpage (, (2) emailing to, or (3) calling 800-888-4656. Reports to USA Hockey are initially handled by the office of the USA Hockey General Counsel and the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program Manager.

The USA Hockey Safe Sport Program webpage contains contact information for each Affiliate Safe Sport Coordinator, and reports may also be directed to the Safe Sport Coordinator for the applicable Affiliate.

USA Hockey and its Affiliates will take a report in the way that is most comfortable for the person initiating a report, including an anonymous, in-person, verbal or written report. If reporting by email or use of the Reporting Form on the SafeSport Program webpage, it is strongly encouraged that the following information be included:

1. the name(s) and contact information of the Claimant(s).

2. the type of misconduct alleged.

3. the name(s) of the individual(s) alleged to have committed the misconduct.

4. the date(s) the misconduct was committed.

5. the names of other individuals who might have information regarding the alleged misconduct.

6. a summary statement of the reasons to believe that misconduct has occurred.

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