Body Checking/Contact

There is no intent to eliminate body checking or body contact, and it's important coaches help players develop proper body-checking/contact skills, much like skating, shooting, and passing.


Although not a new rule for this season, USA Hockey will continue to place emphasis on rules surrounding body checking.
Any legal contact needs to occur with intent to possess the puck, and body checking should never be used to punish or intimidate an opponent. It is the responsibility of the player delivering the check to have their stick on the ice, and avoid any dangerous contact including hits to the head, hits from behind and late hits.

Competitive Contact

An emphasis on competitive contact at Youth 12U levels and younger, and in Girls hockey, where body checking is not permitted, teaches proper angling, contact and winning possession of the puck. These are important skills for younger players to learn at every practice, especially for those advancing into body checking leagues at 14U and older. 

Learn more from USA Hockey, including proper body checking and competitive contact examples, by watching this video.

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