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The team manager plays an important role on any hockey team. He or she is the coordinator, communicator, organizer and all-around support for the team. The most important role is being the liaison between the coaches and the parents. Communication is key between all parties. The team manager also helps the coaches with the administration functions of off-ice activities, tournaments, and general team needs. This allows the coaches to focus on preparing and running practices and games. 

We understand that taking on this role is a big job, so we hope that by providing you this Getting Started list we'll get you on the right track. These are the items that you should get done in the next couple weeks. Be sure to attend the mandatory Manager meeting put on by MHA.

´╗┐Getting Started Checklist

1. Schedule a Team Meeting

Work with your coach to pick a time and place after a practice to introduce the coach, yourself, the players and parents. Let the coach discuss expectations (on-ice expectations, locker rooms, time of arrival, how to report absence, potential travel) and any important details they want to cover. A sample agenda is available in Documents. This is also a good time to address other needs in this checklist. OFFICIAL ROSTER NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED TO OFFICE MANAGER ASAP.

2. Background Check

Required each year per USA Hockey.

Background Check

3. USA Hockey Registration

USA Hockey requires all team managers to register with USA Hockey. Each team is also responsible to purchase the coach's renewed USA Hockey number or IMR for up to 3 coaches. Click here for USA Hockey Registration

4. SafeSport Training

Program offered by USA Hockey, training to prevent abuse. 90 minute course that must be completed by all Coaches and Managers on USA Hockey. Click here for link to Training 

5. COMP ONLY, Collect Initial Fees (Team Treasurer)

At the start of the season, you should collect a minimum of $100, $500 is traditional, from each player to start your team account. For more information on the expenses that your team will have to cover, refer to the Welcome to Blue Devils packet.

6. COMP ONLY, Set up a Bank Account (Team Treasurer)

As a team manager, you are required to have a bank account for the team separate from other personal accounts. Our Office Manager will get you set up, make sure you get checks and a debit card for the account to pay for team expenses. MOST COMP TEAMS HAVE A SEPARATE TEAM TREASURER.

7. Crossbar App

Scheduling and managing your team will happen primarily with the Crossbar App. Get your team page set up, put in schedule, and encourage parents to download the app and sync the calendar.

8. Collect Documents / Contact Information / Jersey Info

The following documents must be collected for each player. They should all be submitted during registration; however, follow up with the Office Manager to make sure everyone is compliant. Your team meeting is the perfect time to do this.

Acknowledgement of Code of Conduct and MHA Handbook

Names, phone numbers and email addresses from each of your parents. This isn't only for yourself, but to share with other parents on the team who may need help getting rides to practices or games. 

Take advantage of MHA's sizing event with the Jersey Manager. The order window will be open for one week only. Be sure parents get their jerseys ordered. Delivery ETA 6-8 weeks.

9. Prepare for Scheduling Meeting

Roughly 2 weeks after the culmination of tryouts (3rd weekend of August for Comp & 3rd weekend of September for House) there will a meeting with all teams in your division in Anchorage. This is where league games are set and submitted to Division Coordinators. MHA also has an ice swap meeting in September.

10. Build a Binder for Game Day

The documents you collect must be brought to each game, so we recommend that you set up a binder for your team. Check out the Team Binder page for more information. Simplicity hack, print stickers for scoresheets. The Office Manager will provide scoresheets and a training, as will ASHA.

11. Recruit Volunteers

Some team managers spread out responsibilities to other parents on the team. Possible positions are a Treasurer to manage finances, a Tournament Coordinator, a Picture Day point person, Locker Room Attendant, or a Fundraising Coordinator. Home games require volunteers to score, run the clock, and penalty box. Away games require only the penalty box.

12. Collect Coach Information / On-ice Volunteer

From each coach, collect their CEP#, their certification level, and proof of module completion. (by 12/31)

From each coach and on-ice volunteer (optional locker room attendant), collect proof of their SafeSport Certificate, Background check, and their USA Hockey number. (prior to player contact)

All coach and on-ice volunteer information, including the team manager's and treasurer's, needs to be submitted to Heather, the MHA Office Manager.

You can search for USA Hockey #'s here:

You can search for the Background Check here:

You can search for the CEP # here:


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Office Manager/Registrar

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Arlene Rinder

Manager of Managers

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