How to Become an Official



  1. You must complete Membership Registration before registering for a seminar. This is a required step, even if you are already registered as a player/coach/volunteer, you will need to register separately as an official. Cost is $45. There may be a way to get reimbursed through ASHA, details coming soon!
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to the address provided during membership registration. This email will outline next steps.
  3. You will be prompted to register for a USA Hockey Officiating Seminar. That will require accessing your USA Hockey account, or creating one if you do not already have one. The link to create a USAH account is in the email, or can be accessed by clicking HERE. You can also go straight to the USA Hockey Seminar catalogue, choose register, and create your account there as well.
  4. All Officials are required to attend a USA Hockey Officiating Seminar each season. Some of these seminars may be in person while others maybe virtual - be sure to pay close attention to seminar details. You are not required to attend a seminar in your area, but you MUST attend a seminar for the level that you apply for. Register for and attend USA Hockey Officiating Seminar. You'll need to scroll down to see offerings. Link is also in the confirmation email.
  5. sort by state
  6. click 'register'
  7. sign in/create account as necessary
  8. choose 'reserve a seat'
  9. A hard copy of the USA Hockey rules/casebook will be sent in the mail. It is recommended to download the mobile rule book.
  10. Click here for the Open Book Exam. The USA Hockey Officiating Open Book exam will be available 24 hours after you register.
  11. After completing the exam, you must click the ''finish attempt'' button and then “submit all and finish” to forward the exam to USA Hockey. An email with your score will be sent shortly.
  12. Level 1 Seminars should include the online module units, if not, you will need to complete them online.
  13. Officials 2006 or older will need to complete SafeSport Training,
  14. Officials 18 years or older as of June 1 will need to complete USA Hockeys National Background Screening Process
  15. Once everything is complete you will receive certification card and sweater crest in the mail.
  16. After attending the Seminar, your information will be sent to the local assigner to start setting up your account information for scheduling games and getting paid. An email will be sent from AHO.
  17. You will need a helmet with 1/2 shield, striped sweater, black pants, skates, and a whistle. Nate Anderson, with support from ASHA, has set up a way to have these items paid for. Details coming soon.

You can access Profile Page to track progress

All officiating requirements for the 2023-24 season need to be completed by February 28, 2024.

2023-2024 USA Hockey Officiating Requirements Checklist

  • 2009 or older
  • USAH Officials Membership
  • Open Book Exam
  • USAH Account
  • USAH Officiating Seminar
  • 2006 and older SafeSport
  • 18 as of June 1, USAH Background Screening



Received Certificate & Sweater Patch ... Now What?

AHO will send you an email verification.

Log in to the referee scheduling program using the link provided in the email.

You will need to enter your SSN and submit. Then WAIT.

Once AHO receive's notification, they will update the system to allow you personal account access. This can take 24-48 hrs.

You will receive a second email with the AHO portal link, login info, and password.

Log on and update your account for Direct Deposit under the 'Personal' tab. This is the only method of payment for payroll.

Info on how to use the online scheduler can be found here:


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