House (Recreational) A/B

IF INTERESTED IN REGISTERING FOR HOUSE HOCKEY PLEASE CONTACT HEATHER, for availability in the division you are interested in.

Our Recreational/House Program is for players aged 9-18. Depending on quantity of players at evaluations, and skill level, each age group can be divided into 2 levels: Tier III (House/Rec A) and Tier IV (House B). All players register at the Tier IV level. The required registration fee for the season is $1150.

Players register and attend evaluations for placement in September. Players selected for the Tier III (House A) level have an additional fee of $300 (additional ice time, games, etc.). Players not selected (or those choosing not to be evaluated) will automatically be placed at the Tier IV (House B) level. Information on 8U hockey can be found under the 8U Mite tab under 'Programs'.


2023-2024 Divisions

10U birth years 2013 & 2014

12U birth years 2011 & 2012

14U birth years 2009 & 2010

16U/18U birth years 2005-2008


Players register and attend evaluations for team placement the first week of September. The season culminates with a State Tournament (registration covers cost) in late February or early March.


Teams will have approximately 30-40 practices, held primarily on weekends and possibly one weekday.


Teams will play 25-35 games over the course of the season and will usually fall on the weekends.

There are also optional tournaments.


Initial registration cost is $1150 for up to 30 hours of ice, subject to change when the new annual budget is set in June. This fee is required, but can be paid in installments. Set up your payment preference in Crossbar when registering.

An ice bill for Tier III (House A) teams of $300 will be sent for additional costs.

Additional Costs

Fall Development Skates for 10U/12U, $150 (optional)

Tournament costs will be collected if a team decides to pick up tournaments throughout the season.

If a player makes a Tier III (House A) team there is an additional fee of $300.


MHA jerseys (sublimated reversible, $90) and socks ($32/pair) are required and will be purchased directly from the Team Shop. Your Team Manager will verify player numbers and schedule a time for sizing and ordering.

Also available for individual purchase:

  • Warmup Coats, $90
  • Warmup Pants, $50
  • Personalized Gear Bag with Logo, $100-$120


Evaluations, practices, and most home games are held at the Harry J. McDonald Memorial Center. Games may be played across Anchorage, as well as the Matsu-Valley.


Scholarships are available, and packets can be found under Resources on our homepage. Please fill out and turn in/postmarked by July 1, 2023 to Heather, MHA Office Manager.

A drop box can be found at the MAC on the wall outside of locker room 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions regarding house/recreational hockey with MHA can be directed to House Program Director, Korey Day,

or MHA Office Manager, Heather Calcaterra,



For divisions 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U/18U. This covers team registration only.

Additional costs could include:

- Fall Development for 10U/12U. This is an optional, but highly recommended, program. This will be one hour, one day a week, for 10 weeks. There will be an option to add this on during the registration process. Cost $150

- "A" teams will incur an additional cost for the extras associated with being an "A" team. This will be billed if a team is formed, and the player accepts the offer. Cost $300

- Tournaments chosen by Head Coach will be split amongst the number of players on the team and collected by the team manager. 

If registering multiple family members, please use discount code SIBDISCOUNT when registering the second player and on if more than 2 players.

*If trying out for Comp, please do not register for House evaluations until after tryouts are over and you're sure you are not playing for comp. This reduces the need for refunds.

*If you've already registered for House and are interested in trying out for Comp, please register for tryouts, your House registration will be refunded if placed on a comp team.

*Prior to registration and evaluations, register your player at USA Hockey, linked HERE. Print and keep their USA Hockey number.

*Please note, if you are a 2006 birth year or earlier, you will be required to take the SafeSport Core Training or Refresher Course prior to participation for the 2023-24 season. 

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