First Practice / Games

Q: What will the first practice be like?

First practice starts the night before by having all of the player's gear ready: stick taped, skates sharp, bag packed, gear fits, name on helmet. Skates can be sharpened at the rink prior to practice for a fee.

Arrive with enough time to be ready to get on the ice 5 minutes before practice starts (we recommend 30 minutes prior to practice start until getting dressed becomes routine).

Once the player is on the ice they are the Coaches' responsibility. Please monitor for behavior, any corrections for behavior need to be made after practice. Also, watch if your player leaves the ice for a reason requiring parental assistance: bathroom, illness... 

Parents should refrain from yelling, directing, or otherwise communicating with their player during practice, whether on the bench or on the ice.

If the player's parent leaves practice, they need to notify the coach and have an off-ice, present person (another parent) be responsible for the player in case leaving the ice becomes necessary.

Players are not allowed on the ice without a Coach and should instead line-up by the water fountain door unless requested to stay back in the locker room by the Team Manager or Coach.

Please bring your own water bottle; however, coaches are not responsible for filling or transporting them on/off the ice.

Dressing occurs in the assigned locker room, unless otherwise stated. Assignments can be found on the white dry-erase board in the main office window of the lobby. This is true for most rinks.

Parents can enter the locker room and assist with dressing as needed until 10U; however, at that point, parents are not to be in the locker room.

Whether it's our home rink (Harry J McDonald Center/MAC) or one in Anchorage or elsewhere, take good care of it. Pick up after yourselves, and no throwing things around in the locker room. 

Q: What can we expect on game day?


Game day starts the night before: gear ready, skates sharp, stick taped, and you know what rink the game is at, how to get there, and travel time.

Most coaches require you to arrive 45 minutes prior to game start. Upon dressing, players remain in the assigned locker room until directed by the coach to exit. 

Locker room assignments are usually posted by the rink's main office. Team Managers will be available to direct you as well. 

Parents need to have their player ready 15 minutes prior to game-start and exit the locker room at that time (8U). 

Jersey color is white for home games, black for away. 8U is often determined upon arrival, SO BRING BOTH.

For 8U, players may be split into 2 smaller teams for cross-ice or half-ice games. Rosters will be emailed prior to game day or shared in the locker room upon arrival.

Bring your own water bottle. Most rinks have filling stations.

Half-ice and cross-ice games require players to rotate sections of the rink. With 6U/8U shifts happen with a buzzer every 2 minutes. An hour of ice is scheduled for that time, game length depends on structure of play. Older players have an hour to an hour and 15 minutes of game play split over 3 periods. 

Score is NOT kept for 6U/8U during regular season play.

For home games, parents may be asked to help run the clock, keep score, or setup/take down the boards (dividers on the ice).


Follow all regular season processes. 

In tournament play, multiple games will be played over multiple days. A certain number of games are guaranteed; however, quantity and scheduling of games after the initial day are dependent on wins, losses, ties, and points scored. You are welcome to monitor the bracket via the Tourney Machine App. Your Team Manager will communicate with you via Crossbar, email, or text times as progress is made. 

With jamborees, you are playing more teams in quick succession with 3-4 games over one and a half hours. There may be break, players should remain with their coaches, unless directed otherwise. 

MAC Attack is hosted by MHA and requires parent volunteers. Parents will help move boards (dividers on ice), run the clock, keep score, host the hospitality room, donate food and drinks, and donate silent-auction items. Your Team Manager will coordinate with your team when the time comes. 

Remember, whatever the outcome of the game is, we're here to promote development, so maintain a positive attitude with your player. Refer to the Parents Code of Conduct under the 'Resources' tab for more information.

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