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How to Get Started

Hockey in Alaska, like swimming, is often considered an essential survival skill and started early, often before kindergarten, but it's never too late to get on the ice. Every season there are many beginners under age 10, but there are also many players who don't begin the sport until ages 11-15. Though starting against those with more experience can be daunting, the window for player development is not closed and players willing to work can develop quickly. Be sure to utilize MHA's Hockey Flowchart to assist you in placing your player or the 'How to Choose a Program' option under 'Programs'.

Recommended process if you have a son or daughter interested in starting hockey:

1. Sign up for a session of Learn to Skate at the Harry J. McDonald Center. 

2. Once your player has a skating foundation, is able to skate the full length of ice down and back, join a session of MHA's Learn to Play Hockey. This class is meant to develop the fundamental skills of the game - forward skating, backward skating, stops and starts, stick handling, passing and shooting. *The MAC's Learn to Skate and MHA's Learn to Play Hockey aren't required to register for a full season within the Mustang Hockey Association; however, it is a good low-cost , low time-commitment way to get basic skills and determine player interest prior to committing to a full season.

3. Based on USA Hockey's Age Classifications, register in fall via the MHA website. See 'Programs' for more information.

4. You will be prompted at registration to also register with USA Hockey and get a USA Hockey player identification number. This number is required to participate in evaluations, tryouts, developments, and to be rostered for a team.

5. Once on a team, you will receive a welcome email and invitation to sign up for Crossbar, our scheduling and team management platform.

6. Most importantly, have fun!

Age Classifications

2023-2024 Divisions

6U birth years 2017, 2018, 2019

8U birth years 2015 & 2016 (possibly 2017)

10U birth years 2013 & 2014

12U birth years 2011 & 2012

14U birth years 2009 & 2010

16U/18U birth years 2005-2008

Additional Resources


EVALS cost $30 and are held over 1-3 days in the beginning of September. Players will need to register on-line to attend evaluations. This registration is for evals only and does not register the player for any team or the association for the season.

The purpose of Evaluations is to determine player skills for placement on either the 8U Red, 8U White, or 8U Blue teams or the House A or B (Tier III/IV) for players 10U-18U.

  • Rosters will be posted at the culmination of the Evaluations.
  • A brief Team Meeting may be held at this point, or as soon as possible depending on Coaching and Team Manager vacancies needing to be filled.
  • Those making the higher level teams in 8U-18U may incur an additional fee at the season's end for 10 additional ice hours.
  • Once placed on a team, players will need to register with MHA.


TRYOUTS cost $50 and are for players interested in playing at the highest level available for their age division, Tier II or Minor/Major for 10U-18U. Tryouts are held over 3 days beginning the first Tuesday of August. Players will need to register on-line to attend tryouts. This registration is for attending tryouts only and does not register the player for any team or the association for the season. 

  • Making a higher level team may require additional fees at registration.
  • Players not making this level of play will attend Evaluations in September (at no cost) to be placed on a team of similar-skilled players.
  • Rosters will be posted at the culmination of tryouts.
  • Once placed on a team, players will need to register with MHA under the 'Registration' tab. 

Shawn Casey

6U/8U Mite Coordinator / LTPH

Melissa Casey

Mite Manager / LTPH

Shannon Zink

Office Manager/Registrar

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