Concerning Increased COVID Numbers

To our MHA members and their families,

According to the CDC, Alaska is one of the top states for COVID transmission. MHA is concerned with the risk of COVID exposure given the number of COVID cases currently overwhelming our local medical facilities. The ability to provide medical services is at a serious tipping point, with additional medical personnel being sent in to reinforce our exhausted professionals. We must do whatever we can to minimize the spread of COVID, preserving these resources and keeping hockey open.

The proven COVID mitigation strategies of wearing masks, social distancing, and getting vaccinated assist in keeping retransmission rates low. At this time, MHA's COVID mitigation plan only requires minimizing time spent in locker rooms, as well as reporting positive cases and close contacts to team managers and the MHA Board. While there will be no additional restrictions implemented at this time, if the number of positive cases and close contacts continue to rise, putting entire teams in quarantine, we will have to consider additional measures. These measures may include a requirement of masks in locker rooms to reduce the number close contacts. We do not want a season like last year with no spectators and no locker rooms, as well as masks on the ice. Please practice caution and work to keep not just MHA members healthy, but all of our community. 

We must each do our part to keep hockey open.
Thank you!
MHA Board