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COVID Info & Resources

The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are constantly changing. ASHA and MHA are continually working to adhere to the guidelines published by the State of Alaska concerning youth sports. Alaska has published specific guidelines for youth sports and indoor/outdoor facilities. ASHA and MHA have also released an advisory to all members as it pertains to these guidelines as well as non-sanctioned events. Thank you for your patience and demonstration of grace as we strive to provide a safe environment for everyone. 

Check back for additional updates as needed.

ASHA Advisory on COVID-19 and Youth Hockey

Community knowledge surrounding COVID-19 is constantly developing and changing. Official reporting suggests circumstances will vary based on geographic region. Therefore, ASHA strongly encourages all participants in youth hockey to adhere to the Federal, Alaska Government, and any local government guidelines for best practices on COVID-19 health practices and prevention.

Each ASHA-affiliated association should have its own plan in place for returning players to the game. ASHA has no role in operating ice rinks or affiliate-associations. Government advice suggests rinks and associations should follow the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Guidance for Social Distancing, as well as any local government directives in determining how to be in the rinks,  including requirements or guidelines for physical distancing, size of gatherings or number of people permitted in a facility, wearing masks, etc. 

 As you are aware, the COVID-19 cases among hockey players, coaches and parents is on the rise. This was predicted to happen. We, the Alaska hockey community, need to follow the basic protocols to help slow down this rise. 

Make sure your Association has a COVID-19 Mitigation plan and that you are following it. Plans should include: 

- Masks required.
- Home dressing strongly encouraged or required.
- Players/coaches arrive 15 minutes before ice time and are expected to leave within 15 minutes of ice time being over.
- Parents may or may not be in the rink depending on rink/association policy. Limits for spectator numbers are strongly suggested. Siblings, if allowed in the rink, have to be kept by the parents.
- Parents should wait to come in the rink until players are on the ice. This reduces time they are in contact and hanging around.
- Contact tracing shall take place. 
- Some associations require temperatures and questions prior to entering the facility.
- Establish a protocol for if a player/parent/coach/official tests positive. General rule is, if someone does test positive, and they have been in contact with the team, the entire team is quarantined for 14 days. Parents/players/coaches of the team need to be notified. 
- If you host an Invitational Tournament, institute rules that allow for limited or no spectators, masks required, contact tracing, home dressing, limited time at the rink before/after ice time. 

No one wants these extra measures, but without cooperation, the ability to play may be taken out of our hands and we will lose the opportunity to play this season. 

MHA Specific Guidelines

The information provided below pertains specifically to MHA's regular and seasonal play at the Harry J McDonald Center (MAC). This includes procedures for practices, guidelines on travel, MAC expectations, and information for if someone demonstrates symptoms or receives a positive test result.